Twenty one Zen Haiku

Made by Bevan Barton

We all need basic
human values rooted in
trust and affection.

You are not those thoughts.
You are the awareness that
notices the thoughts.

Any movement is
defined by the adherents
who shout the loudest.

Even small acts of
compassion bring meaning and
purpose to our lives.

Deceiving ourselves
that money is the source of
happiness, we won’t.

Don't blame others for
your uneasy feelings; blame
your own state of mind.

Give more attention
to the present moment then
thoughts about your past.

Your inner purpose
is to awaken. It is
as simple as that.

Feeling will get you
closer to the truth of who
you are than thinking.

Is it because you
are identified with a
mental position?

Peace doesn’t come from
prayer alone, it requires
us to take action.

Caring for others
is the best way to fulfil
our own interests.

Friendship depends on
trust—not money, not power,
not education.

If we are full of
anger how can we expect
to bring about peace.

But we should always
remain humble, modest and

If you dedicate
yourself to helping others,
you’ll be happier.

Not from expressions
of wealth or fame, but from our
showing affection.

We need not only
a trained intelligence, but
also a warm heart.

The very purpose
of spirituality
is self-discipline.

Expecting rapid
results is simply a sign
of impatience.

It doesn't matter
whether a position is
"left-wing" or "right-wing".