Ten Motivational Haiku

Made by Bevan Barton

Good morning. Look up
from your phone. You aren't alone.
Your life is your own.

1. Move stuff. 2. Fast.
3. Repeat. 3 PILLARS OF

No one can help you
lift that weight off the ground. You
must do it yourself.

If you succeed, it
will open the way to a
far more peaceful world.

You are making a
value judgment every time
do you anything.

Get expert advice
on where to donate to have
the highest impact.

Unthinkable: Are
you part of the 1%
but just don’t know it?

Wake up a little
earlier each day. That will
make you tired at night.

Help us fight to keep
the marketplace of ideas
open for business.

You seeing me weak
is your weakness not seeing
my strength is your death!