Twenty Random Haiku

Made by Bevan Barton

A long time ago
in a galaxy far, far
away, dudes wore vests.

I know it's wrong to
generalize, but I just
don't like murderers.

Is the link to the
new Magic Mike trailer a
good Mother’s Day gift?

“hold on - scrolling,” when
someone asks me for the time
on my Apple Watch.

What is the biggest
obstacle to reducing
chicken consumption?

I was given 2
lovely dancing-lemur ties.
Card gives no surname.

You know you're in small
town Iowa when you see
a water tower.

I’ve got great news. The
bad news is that I don’t know
what adjectives are.

Got a new hairstyle
today thanks to 30 West
African women.

Cruise running at top
speed could be the cure for male

I’m really hungry,
tired, or unhappy with my
cell phone reception.

When I panic, my
voice pitches down to a smooth
mellow baritone.

Hope it’s not about
the internet history
on my Macbook Pro.

This is blood money.
They’re paying for tax cuts with
American lives.

Haha don't worry
it's just as confusing to
everyone else too.

Since 2000, rates
of malaria around
the world have fallen.

The regressive left
is a new enemy of
logic and reason.

My only point was
that sex can be orders of
magnitude better.

Have a look the first
item to come up the search:
How to leave Islam.

Does anyone know
how I can go volunteer
in the Bahamas??