Fifty four haiku by @dalailama

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Made by Bevan Barton

We all need basic
human values rooted in
trust and affection.

Even small acts of
compassion bring meaning and
purpose to our lives.

Deceiving ourselves
that money is the source of
happiness, we won’t.

Don't blame others for
your uneasy feelings; blame
your own state of mind.

Peace doesn’t come from
prayer alone, it requires
us to take action.

Caring for others
is the best way to fulfil
our own interests.

Friendship depends on
trust—not money, not power,
not education.

If we are full of
anger how can we expect
to bring about peace.

If you succeed, it
will open the way to a
far more peaceful world.

But we should always
remain humble, modest and

If you dedicate
yourself to helping others,
you’ll be happier.

Not from expressions
of wealth or fame, but from our
showing affection.

We need not only
a trained intelligence, but
also a warm heart.

The very purpose
of spirituality
is self-discipline.

Expecting rapid
results is simply a sign
of impatience.

Then whether we can
complete it or not, it's worth
making the attempt.

I always give the
advice to be altruistic
and kind to others.

on October 17th,

But it eclipses
the best part of our brain: its

The energy of
anger is almost always

Ceremony in
New Delhi, India, on
November 18th.

Then no matter what
others' attitudes are, you
can keep inner peace.

Practice compassion.
If you want to be happy,
practice compassion.

Sikkim, India,
on December 21,

and hope are key factors for
a brighter future.

Greed or arrogance
spring up they will take over
the situation.

Our body needs peace
of mind and is not suited
to agitation.

July 6-16
for empowerment, teachings
& other events.

But it is love and
compassion that lie at the
heart of religion.

The very purpose
of spiritual practice
is to help others.

In affecting the
environment, are likely
to affect others.

1 Enemies teach
us inner strength, courage and

Archbishop Desmond
Tutu's 80th birthday on
October 7th.

All the major world
religions have techniques for
transforming the mind.

Temple rooftop in
Dharamsala, India,
on Feb 22.

St. Stephen's Cathedral
in Vienna, Austria, on
May 27th.

Stephen's Cathedral
in Vienna, Austria, on
May 27th.

Well-being then the
very basis of anger
is no longer there.

World Concert held in
Syracuse, NY, USA,
on October 9th.

City starting at
9am to 3:30pm EDT
October 20.

From Dharamsala,
India, on November

Our real guide is our own mind,
our sense of reason.

Hosted by Aamir
Khan from Pune, India on
July 28th.

Creating a sense of
compassion that responds to
all humanity.

Empowerment from
Dharamsala, India
on March 31st.

Teaching on Buddhism
from Mumbai, India on
May 30th - June 2nd.

From Dharamsala,
India on November

But being helpful
to them is the only real
source of lasting joy.

And share a common
goal, we can appreciate
and respect them all.

Peace from Grossmünster Church
in Zurich, Switzerland on
October 15.

We can change our minds.
We don’t have to give in to
anger and hatred.

If you think clearly
about it,… What’s past is past,
nothing can change that.

Despite all of the
things… World peace can only be
based on inner peace.

Prayer by itself
is not sufficient to bring
about peace of mind.