Thirty four haiku by @dprk_news

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Made by Bevan Barton

Leader Kim Jong-Un
contemplates his mighty and
most potent missile.

State Security
wiretaps on Donald Trump
went undetected.

Offense to "Metal
Tiger" offense devised by
Marshall Kim Jong-Un.

Park Geun-Hye
is dragged forth to prison in
the chains of a slave.

Donald Trump is thing
known as "Snuggles," as foreign
trade deficit soars.

Koryo flight, for
presumptuous demeanor
and terrorist threats.

Research by "Face Book"
allows users to control
"smart phones" with their minds.

science, and property as
permitted by law.

Supreme Leader Kim
Jong-Un said to have taken
it to the limit.

Rothschild bankers on
DPRK economy said to be
virtually nil.

From Donald Trump to
Esteemed Marshal Kim Jong-Un
is returned, unsigned.

Fiction Festival
in Haeju, but very
bad sci-tech fiction.

Trump admonishes
NATO weakling allies for
poor defence spending.

Music Hall, due to
lyrical incoherence
and obnoxiousness.

Japanese cretins
soaking in the urine of
cowardice and shame.

Security. This
story will be updated
as events transpire.

Denounced as effete
English fop, known only for
ridiculous scarfs.

Americans match
Japanese pornographers
for disgustingness.

Russian president
Vladimir Putin just called
to say he loves you.

Mars base of kidnapped
children puts DPRK Mars colony
on highest alert.

Lena Dunham is
lauded by New York Times, for
cleaning her closet.

Until the sun went
down, and many fantasies
were learned. On that day.

Is exactly at
location predicted by
Marshal Kim Jong-Un.

Leaving armies of
Great Leader Kim Il-Sung to
secure victory.

Man apparently
suffering from GI distress
seriously injured.

German president
Angela Merkel brings shame
upon her nation.

Pyongyang Zoo
chimpanzees, at the cost of
only three fingers.

United States judge
Richard Posner is mourned by
dozens of people.

Leader Kim Jong-Un
is deemed low, according to
computer experts.

"trending hash tag" on
US computer bulletin
board service Twitter.

Walking in the rain...
You were holding hands and I'll
never be the same.

Hillary Clinton.
@DPRK_News covers Korean leaders

Perversion policies is
proven, once again.

Many upstarts claim
to have defeated neck of
Marshal Kim Jong-Un.