Fifty five haiku by @eckharttolle

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Made by Bevan Barton

You are not those thoughts.
You are the awareness that
notices the thoughts.

Give more attention
to the present moment then
thoughts about your past.

Your inner purpose
is to awaken. It is
as simple as that.

Feeling will get you
closer to the truth of who
you are than thinking.

Is it because you
are identified with a
mental position?

She doesn't have an
on-screen persona. She is
herself. #ANewEarth.

30 seconds &
pay attention to the space
after the question.

Regarding my last
question...There's something there, but
you can't define it.

And to learn not to
equate those emotions and
thoughts with who they are.

Bible, I highly
recommend.... ..."The Christ is not
a Person", by J.C. Tefft.

Tefft. I came across
this excellent book only
a few days ago.

Eckhart. Eckhart, Kim,
and crew are in LA filming
for Eckhart TV.

And a behind the
scenes peek at Eckhart Tolle
TV. From, Erin.

... You are not those thoughts.
You are the awareness that
notices the thoughts.

I can give you are
words as pointers on how to
step out of your mind.

Cali either, but
I had to shorten the tweet
somehow! From, Erin.

23, visit for more
info. Best, Erin.

Sat. May 29. for more
info! Best, Erin.

Gets attached to are
substitutes for the Being
that it cannot feel.

How deeply rooted
in (cont) Your inner purpose
is to awaken.

Eckhart Tolle on
Nov 11. For details,
click here: Please RT.

Good morning Gary.
Wonderful to be with you.

Give up defining
yourself - to yourself or to
others. You won’t die.

Reminder: 'To love
is to recognize yourself
in another' #quote.

Tolle TV: How
can one be abandoned by
life?: via @YouTube.

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Become the Sky by
Steve Taylor. A poem from
the book ‘The Meaning’.

Peter Russell, writes
about our resistance to
the present moment.

Eckhart Tolle: Can
you comment on asking for
help?: via @YouTube.

Gary. Good to have
you with us. I will be in
touch with you this week.

We're learning to stop
putting people in boxes
and start connecting.

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What grievances
do I allow myself to
carry? #ANewEarth.

Chapter 4 and the
role of the ego! Retweet
if you are present!

A good question to
ask yourself whenever a
challenge arises.

Looking forward to
next Sunday.... In the present
moment. #ANewEarth.

@ShadedHearts The pain
body lives mainly in the
body, not the brain.

Not the brain. That's why
it's important to be in
touch with your body.

Many families
could benefit from that. Thanks
for mentioning it.

You Are #ANewEarth.
Your personal history
is not who you are.

Am I: The answer
does not come in words. Can you
sense your own Being?

@GrowingOWN Thank you.
I am still learning how to
be a good "tweeter".

Thank you. I am still
learning how to be a good
"tweeter". #ANewEarth.

I am tired, but I
can still be present... And be
surprised that you can.

Mastery of Life,
Australia Retreat - Part
Two: via @YouTube.

Now: Welcoming Life
- Australia Retreat Part
5: via @YouTube.

‘the world crazy,’ are
we judging? - Eckhart Tolle
Now: via @YouTube.

A New Earth: Why It's
So Hard To Let Go Of The
Past: via @YouTube.

Tolle Now Q&A
Preview: I’m confused about
inner resistance.

How do I help my
fellow physicians who are
suffering “burnout”?

Kim Eng explores the
body as a vehicle
for awakening.

Is there a limit
to what stillness can do for
the healing process?

Eckhart's article
about falling below and
rising above thought.

Preview - Where does our
conscious awareness go
when we are sleeping?

~Eckhart Tolle To
awaken within the dream
is our purpose now.