Twenty haiku by @effect_altruism

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Made by Bevan Barton

What is the biggest
obstacle to reducing
chicken consumption?

Get expert advice
on where to donate to have
the highest impact.

Unthinkable: Are
you part of the 1%
but just don’t know it?

Since 2000, rates
of malaria around
the world have fallen.

@markbao hi Mark
sorry if you couldn't get
into some sessions.

7% of
people worldwide earn more than
50 USD per day.

I geek out about
complex topics & get nods
of understanding?

@commentisfree: What
is the most effective way
to help refugees?

tipping points, climate change and
multi-scalar risks.

RT @seb_far: Most
accurate coverage of
our report so far!

RT @paulg: Wave is
a great example of the
good startups can do.

Blavatnik Publi
Lecture with Prof Hilary
Greaves: via @YouTube.

Chlorine dispensers
http… RT @LifeYouCanSave:
Truly inspiring.

Global: 1,000
people focused on changing
the world for better.

How might that help you
make better decisions in
future? #EAGlobal.

Of the world's wealthy
people? Top 1%? Top

inspiring. htt… @JoCutler8
sounds like a great week!

EA is all about
asking the question: how can
we do the most good?

"A potential top
charity" What are your main
goals for #EAGxOxford?

Cyber Monday. Check
it out!… GWWC pledge drive launched today
and we need your help!