Two hundred and one haiku by @realdonaldtrump

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Made by Bevan Barton

Many other things.
I have very little time
for watching T.V.

Clinton only knows
how to make a speech when it
is a hit on me.

Arizona on
Wednesday. Changing venue
to much larger one.

Dwyane Wade and his
family, on the loss of
Nykea Aldridge.

America loves
Trump and @mike_pence -- praying
for you every day.

Crooked Hillary and
myself, should release detailed
medical records.

Big crowds, looking for
a larger venue. Look how
bad it is getting!

Three Presidencies
Will Put America and
Americans First!

Joe a mess! People
will be very surprised by
our ground game on Nov.

Obama is not
a natural deal maker.
Only makes bad deals!

Ohio now- some
great polls. #AmericaFirst
Thank you Ohio!

He hardly knows me.
Never liked his style. Super
lib, Crooked H supporter.

Never liked his style.
Super lib, Crooked H supporter.
Irrelevant dope!

Republicans would
allow themselves to be used
in a Clinton ad.

Obama working
instead of campaigning for
Hillary Clinton?

Oklahoma and
Colorado. Miami
crowd was fantastic!

They are willing to
say anything, has become
a laughingstock rag!

Really disgusting.
Heading to Colorado
for a big rally.

Syria over
10k plus more coming. Lots young
males, poorly vetted.

Enjoy! Together,

Or whatever she
has been doing, for years. Now
she has new ideas.

For years. Now she has
new ideas. It is time for
change. Thank you Georgia!

Hillary the Dem
nomination when he gave
up on the e-mails.

Palmer, the "King," has
died. There was no-one like him
- a true champion!

There was no-one like
him - a true champion! He
will be truly missed.

Kerry on trade: she
was for bad trade deals before
she was against them.

And Iran got a
sweetheart deal to keep theirs. Thanks,

Wow, did great in the
debate polls (except for @CNN - which
I don't watch). Thank you!

30 years in not
getting the job done - it will
never change. Thank you!

Such a great honor.
Final debate polls are in
- and the MOVEMENT wins!

Once again, we will
have a government of, by
and for the people.

Just… Join me live in
Waukesha, Wisconsin for
an 8pmE rally!

M become a U.S.
citizen so she could use
her in the debate?

3pm! #TrumpRally Thank
you for your support - on my
way now! See you soon.

Did you just hear Bill
Clinton's statement on how bad
ObamaCare is.

'crazy', 'doesn't work'
and 'doesn't make sense'. Thanks Bill
for telling the truth.

poll just released. Two rallies
there on Mon- join me!

VOTE #TrumpPence16
on 11/8/16!
Thank you Tennessee!

Actions speak louder
than words. DT said bad things!HRC threatened
me after BC raped me.

Here are Hillary
Clinton's "accomplishments" at
the State Department.

This country cannot
take four more years of Barack
Obama! #Debate.

They come at you from
all sides. They don’t know how to
win - I will teach them!

I will teach them! Wow.
Unbelievable. The
very foul mouthed Sen.

I am making a
major speech in West Palm Beach,
Florida at noon.

Hillary Clinton
should have been prosecuted
and should be in jail.

A great day in New
Hampshire and Maine. Fantastic
crowds and energy!

Fantastic crowds and
energy! #MAGA. Thank you
for sharing Amy.

Clinton campaign, by
putting stories that never
happened into news!

So naive! We have all
got to come together and
win this election.

in Pennsylvania - a
complete disaster.

Brazilian bank for
a speech that called for “open
borders.” That’s a quote!

TRILLION in new taxes. We
cannot afford her!

Bad Performance htt… I

Barack Obama
and that’s what you’ll get if you
vote for Hillary.

Want access to Crooked
Hillary? Don't forget - it's
going to cost you!

Thank you. Get out &
VOTE on 11/8! Watch

Reid Worked With New York
Times To Smear State Dept Watchdog'
Time to #DrainTheSwamp!

Lead’ Remember - get
out on November 8th &
VOTE #TrumpPence16.

Don't let them fool you-
get out and vote! #DrainTheSwamp
on November 8th!

Palm Beach, Florida
now - heading to St. Augustine
for a 3pm rally.

As I've been saying
from the beginning. Time to
repeal & replace!

We must REPEAL &
REPLACE. Tired of the lies, and
want to #DrainTheSwamp?

I agree, @MMFlint- To
all Americans, I see
you & I hear you.

Overflow: So nice
- great Americans outside
Trump Tower right now.

Nevada- I love
you! Departing for Greeley,
Colorado now.

Albuquerque, New
Mexico this evening - thank
you. Get out & VOTE!

I hear you Warren,
Michigan. Streaming live - join
us America.

12 points in two
weeks, mostly before the Crooked
Hillary blow-up!

Podesta urging
Clinton camp to 'dump' emails.
Time to #DrainTheSwamp!

So exciting, big
crowds! I will be watching from
North Carolina.

We will make you all
very proud.… Thank you Concord,
North Carolina!

"new" & not p… There is
no challenge too great, no dream
outside of our reach!

watch here: Thank you Wilmington,
North Carolina.

• 9:30p… Join me live in
Reno, Nevada!

• 9:30p… Join me live in
Reno, Nevada!

— It Has to Do With
Trade: RT @IvankaTrump:
Thank you New Hampshire!

It Has to Do With
Trade: RT @IvankaTrump:
Thank you New Hampshire!

Thank you MI!… TODAY

I doing dozens
of radio interviews.
We can win this thing!

The forgotten man
and woman will never be
forgotten again.

This will prove to be
a great time in the lives of
ALL Americans.

George W and George H.W.
all called to express their best
wishes on the win.

George H.W. all called to
express their best wishes on
the win. Very nice!

The failing @nytimes
story is so totally
wrong on transition.

@nytimes is back on
at 12:30 today.
Look forward to it!

I am seriously
considering Dr. Ben Carson
as the head of HUD.

Clinton, and yet her
loss in a landslide, that they
don't know what to do.

Kennedy is my
choice for US Senator from

Mattis for tonight's
rally in Fayetteville,
North Carolina!

John Kennedy to
the U.S. Senate. Thank you

The Army-Navy
Game today. Looking forward
to it, should be fun!

Will manage them. No
new deals will be done during
my term(s) in office.

Financial Times for
naming me "Person of the
Year" - a great honor!

Alabama! From
now on, it’s going to be

Turkey, Switzerland
and Germany - and it is
only getting worse.

And it is only
getting worse. The civilized
world must change thinking!

Out to vote in the
vital swing states ( and more). They
focused on wrong states.

He loves these kids, has
raised millions of dollars for
them, and now must stop.

He should say that but
I say NO WAY! - jobs leaving,
ISIS, OCare, etc.

Great move on delay
(by V. Putin) - I always knew
he was very smart!

When they cancelled fireworks, they
knew, and so did I.

As unfair as it.
........may be, their number one act
and priority.

Dems are to blame for
the mess. It will fall of its
own weight - be careful!

Schumer, know how bad
ObamaCare is and what
a mess they are in.

Hollywood, doesn't
know me but attacked last night
at the Golden Globes.

Germany? We had
a great News Conference at
Trump Tower today.

Have been allowed to
run - guilty as hell. They were
VERY nice to her.

With all of the jobs
I am bringing back to our
Nation, that number..

Many say it will
never change, the hatred is
too deep. IT WILL CHANGE!!!!

Paid great respect to
Wall, long standing ovations,
amazing people.

Phillips and crew say
at least 3,000,000
votes were illegal.

Pence will be speaking
at today's #MarchForLife -- You
have our full support!

General and rest
of Cabinet! They should be
ashamed of themselves!

Cabinet! They should
be ashamed of themselves! No
wonder D.C. doesn't work!

Supreme Court. He is
a good and brilliant man,
respected by all.

Transfer yesterday
with my daughter Ivanka
was my great honor.

They know if certain
people are allowed in it's
death & destruction!

Boston, which is at
conflict with ridiculous
lift ban decision?

Just look at what is
happening in Europe
and the Middle-East.

Obama can make
a deal with Iran, #1 in
terror, no problem!


Abe of Japan and
@TheBig_Easy, Ernie Els,
and had a great time.

Minister Abe is
heading back to Japan. L. I
know Mark Cuban well.

Washington? Will these
leaks be happening as I
deal on N.Korea etc?

Washington for years.
Failing @nytimes (and others)
must apologize!

Dishonest. Looking
forward to the Florida
rally tomorrow.

5:00 P.M. speech in
Melbourne, Florida. A
lot to talk about!

That have permeated
our government for a long
time. They can't even......

Like Bernie himself,
never had a chance. Clinton
demanded Perez!

Jobs! Jeff Sessions is
an honest man. He did not
say anything wrong.

Of Pelosi for
her close ties to Russia, and
lying about it.

Tower just before
the victory. Nothing found.
This is McCarthyism!

Apprentice, he was
fired by his bad (pathetic)
ratings, not by me.

from Gitmo, have returned to
the battlefield.

Looking forward to
a big rally in Nashville,
Tennessee, tonight.

Russian story as
an excuse for running a
terrible campaign.

Surveillance RT
@mitchellvii: Trump always
ends up being right.

Ocare! General
Kelly is doing a great
job at the border.

Kelly is doing
a great job at the border.
Numbers are way down.

Praise of Russia by
Hillary, or Podesta
Russian Company.

Ford today. Major
investment to be made in
three Michigan plants.

Michigan plants. Car
companies coming back to

Russia! The failing
@NYTimes would do much better
if they were honest!

Podesta paid big
money to get the sanctions
on Russia lifted?

Liyuan of
China as our guests in
the United States.

Sisi will handle
situation properly.
Thank you @USNavy!

United States of
America, Israel,
and around the world.

Ron Estes is running
TODAY for Congress in the
Great State of Kansas.

A wonderful guy,
I need his help on Healthcare
& Tax Cuts (Reform).

Every story is
badly slanted. We have to
hold them to the truth!

Dem Ossoff will raise
your taxes-very bad on
crime & 2nd A.

There has never been
so much done so quickly, and
we have just started.

President when it
launched, though unsuccessfully,
a missile today.

Americans &
Pacific Islanders that
enrich our Nation.

...allegations of
unmasking Trump transition
officials. Not good!

of the… Big win in the House
- very exciting!

ObamaCare is
dead! But our healthcare will soon
be great. JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!

President of France.
I look very much forward
to working with him!

Mexico. Fired their
employees. Tax product big
that's sold in U.S.

to @PGA_JohnDaly on his
big win yesterday.

John is a great guy
who never gave up - and now
a winner again!

- but the Fake News seldom likes
talking about that.

Watching Senator
Richard Blumenthal speak of
Comey is a joke.

there was never a special
counsel appointed!

To be released in
June. Will take major action
if necessary.

Which will mean JOBS, JOBS,
JOBS! Big win in Montana
for Republicans!

Day at Arlington
National Cemetery
later this morning.

Healthcare and TAX CUTS
approved, fast and easy. Dems
would do it, no doubt!

Page about Russia,
don't want him to testify.
He blows away their....

11 year old
son, Barron, are having a
hard time with this. Sick!

Of people that took
place during the Obama

But I am calling
it what we need and what it

Khan who had to think
fast on his "no reason to
be alarmed" statement.

Heading to the Great
State of Wisconsin to talk

So now they go for
obstruction of justice on
the phony story.

Take Their Own Advice
& S… RT @DonaldJTrumpJr: Not
surprising at all!

District, will be a
fantastic help to me in
cutting taxes, and....

Russian meddling of
election. They didn't want
to hurt Hillary?

Bernie Sanders. Is
she allowed to so collude?
Unfair to Bernie!

Very grateful for
the 9-O decision from
the U. S. Supreme Court.

Security and
Safety, courtesy of the
U.S. Supreme Court.

Good morning friends! "The
Swamp" out today. President
Trump has a copy...

Good news, House just passed
#KatesLaw. Hopefully
Senate will follow.

House Passage of Kate’s
Law and No Sanctuary
for Criminals Act.

But their low rated
show is dominated by
their NBC bosses. Too bad!

Speeches and social
media. I had to beat
#FakeNews, and did.

July with a big
crowd at the White House. Happy
4th to everyone.

White House. Happy 4th
to everyone. Our country
will grow and prosper!

So much for China
working with us - but we had
to give it a try!

President Putin
twice about Russian meddling
in our election.

I asked Ivanka
to hold seat. Very standard.
Angela M agrees!

Nominees. They can't
win so all they do is slow
things down & obstruct!

I send our deepest
condolences to all! Big
wins against ISIS!

Media, often
times those sources are made up
and do not exist.

Democrats. Look what
Hillary Clinton may have
gotten away with.

Hillary Clinton
may have gotten away with.
Disgraceful! The W.H.

White House today with
Republican Senators
concerning healthcare.

Vote to Repeal and
Replace. Next, Tax Reform and
Infrastructure. WIN!

an A+. S.C.,reg cutting,Stock
M, jobs,border etc. = TRUE!

Spends all of his time
on television pushing
the Dem loss excuse!

Repeal & Replace
after years of talking &
campaigning on it.