One hundred and fifty five haiku by @richarddawkins

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Made by Bevan Barton

Any movement is
defined by the adherents
who shout the loudest.

I was given 2
lovely dancing-lemur ties.
Card gives no surname.

Help us fight to keep
the marketplace of ideas
open for business.

The regressive left
is a new enemy of
logic and reason.

My only point was
that sex can be orders of
magnitude better.

Have a look the first
item to come up the search:
How to leave Islam.

Charming Christmas card
celebrating the season
of peace and goodwill.

Friendly advice from
a personable young man
who himself escaped.

@RichardDawkins, I
don't know how I'm expected
to go to sleep now.

Trump to do it frm a
position of… .@btaranger
That's interesting.

Surely we in the
sceptical movement, above
all, don't DO "teamthink".

Die These words are one
of the most poetic words
I have ever heard.

Oh come on, Josh, you
know got it wrong. Just move on.
We're on the same side.

Oh PLEASE! In the case
of ignorance of Hitler
it would be her fault.

Prizes had been issued
in Middle Ages, many
Muslims would have won.

Fireworks as a way
of Respecting animals
“We will kill Kuffar”.

Did you draw or paint
a nice picture? What did you
actually do?

She surely wouldn't
sweat the small stuff like "sin" or
who will win a game.

Facts? How dare you quote
facts? Didn't you know facts are

If I call you fat,
ugly & stupid you may
plausibly be hurt.

Hitchens calling out
the capitulation of
the Regressive Left.

What's your problem? I
didn't insult you, threaten
you or libel you.

I argue against
your belief, don't react with
fury. Argue back.

That presumably
means their faith is supported
by strong evidence.

I’m guessing this
film has converted many
people? Am I right?

City council banned
it - we had to travel to
Paisley to see it..

I think 3 is a
fairer count. Darwin, Wallace
and Patrick Matthew.

Much better tune &
we are historically
a Christian country.

@thejuseman For
the umpteenth time, that is NOT
what we are saying.

Queen is indeed one
of the dreariest, dullest
tunes ever composed.

I'd like to retweet
this, but please could you correct
the spelling to "throes"?

@blogdiva That's a
sobering criticism, which
I take seriously.

‘If students want a
“safe space” they should not be at

Strenuously &
repeatedly opposed the
Bush war in Iraq.

Why I finally
declared myself an atheist.
No more fence sitting.

And they expect us
to now be tolerant of
their intolerance!

Where I come from a
"scholar" is somebody who's
read more than one book.

Tunnelbear. Fool the
computers into "thinking"
you are elsewhere.

You are elsewhere.
@BarbaraMcK42 Read
The God Delusion.

So how does one weed
out the non-existent ones,
and are any left?

A true expert on
the Bible. @jmorika I
never said it did.

@RichardDawkins Its
simple. pinch is metric, knob
is imperial.

A pinch is 3/8
of a knob. Also a Dash
is 1/2 a knob.

How dare you exploit your two
handed privilege.

Islam is at fault
for teaching the Quran is an
infallible book.

We got no science
but we sure got oil. What is
Salon’s agenda?

God sends people to
hell FOREVER for finite
crimes. God is NOT love.

Yes. And these are mostly kept
by aristocrats.

Do you happen to
know of any follow-up…
.@thetigeri YES.

.@cfreemyers YES! That is
precisely the point I
am trying to make.

"because". @RhysFlinter
Stop following me, then. I
won't miss you. Bye.

3000 years. I
must say I'd be surprised if
it was that recent.

Nor that anyone'd
lie about being threatened.
Is this really true?

You see, I had this
touching faith in the goodness
of humanity!

Richard Dawkins This
is hilarious! good on
you @RichardDawkins!

Interesting. I'd like to
hear detail on that.

Radio today
at 6.05 pm GMT, to talk about
creationism in schools.

@JoannaDWright Because
they refused to what? I think
there's a word missing?

Gift of Life About
the greatest gift of all - your
very existence.

Maybe they have a
rule to change every few years,
and his time was up?

I did it out of
concern for a person's life.
@tweetofsarah Why?

Yet another lie
but who's counting? Of course
I never said it.

Islam a free pass
& those are the ones being
satirised. Simple.

Don't always agree
with @RichardDawkins but he's
fair & consistent.

Found it funny and
accurate satire of a
pernicious trend.

I don't think so! Are
you, perhaps, confusing me
with somebody else?

Zeus? Baal? Marduk?
Vishnu? Wotan? Yahweh?
Mithras? Ra? John Frum?

Thank you for being
you, Professor, stand firm ! I
join RDFRS (in CFI) today.

to @SpaceX on their latest
successful mission!

Ah, nothing to do
with religion, then. God’s gift
to librarians.

Secularism 4
this Fall in Arlington, VA!
The wait is over!

Yes, & I stand by
the FACTS. I did not check the
AUTHOR. Why should I?

The Selfish Gene as
the most compelling science
book he ever read.

As a gay man, I'm
shocked they're siding with a group
whose leader tweeted...

In order, of Prof
Dawkins' that I should start with?
Thanks. @RichardDawkins.

Maybe you got me
wrong & I DO agree with
you more than you think?

Go away, read a
book on the subject, & don't
come back until have.

What's SO sad abt this is: It's

You haven't read it. Can you
actually read?

The hug you gave him
at the end of the atheist
meeting made me cry.

Please see, Growing up
in the universe - Beyond
the standard model?

Golden Age & its
great science? But that was then.
We are living NOW!

Science, was asked if
world is billions or only
thousands of years old.

That would be a good
joke if "theology" was
a subject at all.

glad you agree with what I've
often said before.

One. And even he
got in trouble as the wrong
flavour of Muslim.

I just... did I just
see @RichardDawkins on stage
at the Nightwish gig?

Even if you don't
know how it's cooked. Yes, that's one
of the funniest.

Assuming normal
distribution it's ok
to use "average".

Construct. “Jon Ronson:
How the online hate mob set
its sights on me” Yes.

And it's brilliant.
Go there and keep refreshing
to your heart's content.

An Atheist If The
Other Candidate Was An
ISIS Supporter.

Vimeo Well it
is mildly thought-provoking,
and it’s well produced.

They'll probably find
a way. Call the brave Muslims
"Uncle Toms", perhaps?

There's a new J&M up
on the internet today:
MONSTROUS injustice.

I block them if they
clutter my feed with tweets that
are not worth reading.

@RichardDawkins My
Christmas presents from my mom.
Can't wait to read them!!

Flemish De Morgen
newspaper. Love you, Mr. Dawkins,
and Merry Christmas!

I reply like this?
@interUNFAO Well of
course it doesn't.

Well of course it
doesn't. He was a hoaxer,
NOT a terrorist.

Flemish @demorgen
paper: 'Religion has been
there for a long time.

@YouTube censored this
conversation between two
ex-Muslim women.

@pastachips "Shut up".
Oh my, what a powerful,
cogent argument.

I was brought up with,
your faith is unlikely to
survive the ordeal.

Foxhunting is a
“sport”? We were told it was all
about pest control.

We have found a witch,
may we burn her? How do you
know she is a witch?

You forfeit the right
to accuse anyone else
of misogyny.

Islam, think again.
He views all religions as
equally absurd.

Honour science by
renaming it Watson Road?
@HaniKafir Yes.

She's got some… The sole
reason for our alliance
with Saudi is oil.

Hm. Not sure that I want
to back down on any of
this. What do you think?

Not sure that I want
to back down on any of
this. What do you think?

Awfully glad this
has been sorted out. A hell
of a quandary.

He is just saying
that is how it 'was' back then.
@Balstrome I doubt it.

Why did you omit the "known,
I regret, as 'boys'"?

He duets w/ his
boy self in the album “One
Voice” Spooky. Odd socks?

U of Miami
for study of atheism &
secular ethics.

Secularism 4:
Sep 23-25
in Arlington,VA.

Is a walk back through
evolution based on The
Ancestor's Tale book.

Don't miss out. Tix &
Info: RT @rdfrs: And then there
were 100...left.

Sam Harris has sold
out! Thank you and we can't wait
to see you all there!

@SamHarrisOrg on
Nov 1? We've booked another
event on Nov 2!

Get educated
on the terrible impact
of #blasphemy laws.

Julia Sweeney,
don't wait! Tix: Canada has
a #blasphemy law!?

Hey #Indy! Only
10 tickets remain for this
event on Nov 9th!

Only 10 tickets
remain for this event on
Nov 9th! Dont miss out!

Las Vegas, Dawkins
begins U.S. tour, and more!
This is your captain.

And more Democrats
who failed to vote? Tempted to
say it serves you right.

Alas you aren’t the
only ones who’ll pay the price.
For decades to come.

Tuesday, let your
voice be heard on behalf of
reason and science!

Ascent of Man. He
should have won the Nobel Prize
for Literature.

Most politicians
lie a little & hope to
get away with it.

I MUST have won the
popular vote. Therefore there
was election fraud.

Bedlam: We need to
take into account that both
feed on confusion.

Trump's Achilles heel is
his massively thin skin…
Can't take mockery.

Trump & Brexit. Now
here’s an idea: What if
Trump BELIEVES his lies!

Planned Parenthood in
this bigot’s name & they’ll send
him a thank you note.

Barry, will share the
stage with Richard Dawkins on
May 27th!

It shouldn’t be I
seek a website that’ll let me
do this kind of thing.

London today, March
25th. Sorry I got
the date wrong before.

See my answer to
a @TheAskers question, now live:
Ask me another.

What a disgusting
country our “ally” Saudi
Arabia is.

VIP tix are sold out
but GA tickets are only

I’ve decided … What
did you say? I can’t declare
bankrupt & restart?

@GodDoesnt. Don’t let
geriatric xenophobes
dominate UK vote.

Ireland. C O V. . . Boy,
do I need sleep . . . COVFEFE . . . which
key should I press next?

Tickets: Yes, climate
change is real. And, yes, humans
are responsible.

@moolecular. In
West Oxford, a Labour vote
is a wasted vote.

Red alert: 10 times
more people drown in bath than
killed by terrorism.

Action on climate
change: Reuters/Ipsos poll
via @Reuters.

It’s lamentable
that we have to resort to
tactical voting.

Don’t waste your vote.
Young people, PLEASE vote. It’s your
future more than ours.

I know I know, it’s
hard to grasp, but sometimes tweets
have more than 1 word.

It’s the NY Post:
But it happens to be true.
Sadly, very true.

Science in the Soul.
Majority of Scots now
have no religion.