One hundred and twenty eight haiku by @sarahksilverman

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Made by Bevan Barton

Good morning. Look up
from your phone. You aren't alone.
Your life is your own.

This is blood money.
They’re paying for tax cuts with
American lives.

Waah! Hey Donald I
don't see you EVER tweeting
about stuff like this.

President RT
@ericaneveau: This is
my amazing dad.

I wish Trump was as
hard on Nazis as he is
on SNL and Hamilton.

Neo Nazis. "Are
Jews people," asks fun, fresh-faced

She was stunned. I want
to punch this man in the face.
I was so angry.

Then donate obvi!
They aren't watching. They "won." They're
back to watching Dr Phil.

The 1 u know was created
by Coca Cola.


Doctors, musicians,
chefs, maybe your mom but she's
never told you, etc.

I was cold as a
stone. But I still haven't found
What I'm looking for.

Love gets tired of you.
Put that in the song and smoke
it. I just signed up!

I weighed the pros and
cons and it really felt like
the right thing to do.

- Putin has become richest
man on Earth from it.

But when will it POP?
https:… RT @jaredleopold:
McCrory runs for Gov.

Lover. YES! Beyoncé
Taylor Swift some HUGE country
stars too! Dixie chicks!

You'd have to have vo…
@ChefRyanSkelton it was
2 one-hitters full.

On anyone but
if I had to pick someone…
You know us so well.

B) They did. C) Donald, where…
What do we do?? What can I
do? Can they come here?

They're welcome in My
Home. @JustinTrudeau can You
please make it happen?

Can't imagine all
this anti women anti
low-cost health care leg.

You are perfect. @jswatz
like this? Current mood Does this
not bother people?

Mitchell BLUE. Go! HIS
(in the car) Oh man I hope
you read your mentions.


50 plays in our
town despite encouragement
from almost no one.

"Pirate skulls and bones,
Sticks and stones and weed and bombs."
Prophetic??: M.I.A.

? @realDonaldTrump DOOD

@realDonaldTrump DOOD

PPV it- all proceeds go
to… Https:// Expect
a lot of this stuff.

Just refer them to
this video. Oh shit I
just felt it happen.

@julesk_fighter that's
not true I'd die protecting
your freedom of speech.

I couldn't be the
only one having nightly
mass shooting nightmares.

I feel like I need
one. Holy shit what? Is that
a real theory??

Finally got to
get inked by the fabled Dan Bones
today. So happy!

He wants us to know
he is vindictive & it's
working well4 him.

Astonishing the
people who r known 4 speaking
out NOT speaking out.

❤ you mean this? RT
@SethMacFarlane: This will be
healthy for all sides.

You mean this? RT
@SethMacFarlane: This will be
healthy for all sides.

The idea that
people who fight 4 social
justice are losers..

@ava: When Trump mocks
American hero John
Lewis, don't be shocked.

Don't be shocked. Trump does
nothing but recycle trash.
He's an old evil.

I was arrested,
I smiled bc I was on the right
side of history.

Meanwhile, incomes of
the top 1% have g… Big
oil won't allow it.

R police, fi… *Before
a date wash ur armpits balls
& asshole w soap.

I don't think it holds
up. I change and grow the best
I can. And that's that.

I can. And that's that.
You don't have to like me one…
I talk about rape.

I got smart in my
brain head The alt right coining
cunt is who got punched?

This seems to indeed
be the not-in-reverse
version. And yes wow.

That’s not an alternative
fact. That is the truth.

International Airport.
Mayor has arrived.

I have a show in
25 mins. I hope u
all go suck a dick.

I voted for you
and have to say you fucked this
up pretty badly.

I voted for you.
I am scared to tears para
mi familia.

You are a mistake!
I've read your books, you are a
hypocrite! #regret.

Mom of active US
soldier, finally freed at
JFK. 30+ hrs detained.

U have a choice here.
As they say in poker you're
chasing bad money.

Nazis murdered Sen.
Schumer's great-grandmother, and
most of her children.

How is there not a
Steve Bannon's Big Fat Booze-Nose
twitter account yet?

RT @dodo: This
sneaky little kitten could
pop bubbles ALL DAY.

Okay, breaks over,
back to work. RT @barkbox:
This dog needs a boop.

Breaks over, back to
work. RT @barkbox: This dog
needs a boop. Please help.

Holocaust victims
AND a person murdered for
being transgender.

Tillis's office says
he's undecided and wants
to hear from people.

But I just wanna
say that I believe in you.
Love, your friend Sarah.

Rules made as they go
to serve their agenda.
It's mob Ego. SAD!

Damn that Fiona
Apple I could swoon over
her lyrics all day.

Trump with factual
reality, hits upon
an outrageous plan.

This shit breaks me. Pure
evil. This comes from money
addiction & greed.

RT @lizzwinstead:
Party and convo!

Here's what's bothering
me: Flynn's lie about Russia
didn't bring him down.

Twitter. Please ask your
dad to resign before he
destroys the planet.

Milek home safely!
Contact the police if you
have any info!

Middle Eastern. Trump
has sai… Woke up this morn w
a swollen top lip!

For a lot of us
women comic sisters, our
only family.

@cococohen: Trump
tweeted that Obama put
a "tapp" on his phone.

On other days Here
Comes Your Man, others r There Goes
My Gun all the way.

These elections r the
most important albeit less
sexy times to vote!!

@crooksandliars: Trump
made a deal with the Russians
at the RNC.

@ajplus: President
Trump and Chancellor Merkel
met at the White House.

Chancellor Merkel
met at the White House. And things
got a little awk.

Fucking mind blowing
ShiShi doing a magic
trick when she was 8.

Breaking: 52 percent
of men are virgins.

OMG ... how awesome it
would be to root for the San
Diego Bad Hombres.

I can clear this up:
a ton of them lie like its
nothing. All the time.

trailer is here and it will
give you ALL. THE. FEELS.

Vote your Ossoff for
@Ossoff! Big Baby Rhino
says so and whatnot!

Nuclear option not
only way democracy
being undermined.

Holocaust centers?
@seanspicer did you not pay
attention in school?

Jesse so I'll be
referring to Jesus as
Jesse from now on.

Trump's taxes and were
_not_ paid to… Be on the right
side of history.

Be on the right side
of history. There is room
for everyone. ATL!!!

@robdelaney: Vote
for an absolute cunt who
isn't a Tory.

Tory. Let's say, for
example, you use the NHS. Vote;
for a non-Tory.

For a non-Tory.
RT @SonofBaldwin: Read
this. Learn it. Thank you.

@quinncy: I'm amazed
a thumb-sized Klan Leader has
been given power.

Democrats. I fight
for Democratic values
as a Democrat.

Nevertheless, She
Persisted Do you blow your
mother with that mouth?

Have a great Monday!
RT @LauraJSilverman:
A cheat and a thug.

@owillis: His name
was Jordan Edwards. And this
has happened again.

This is chilling. This
kind of shit has to be fought
hard at every turn.

Sunday in the Park
w George... I chose, and my world
was shaken- So what?

I like to pretend
@SturgillSimpson is singing
"oh sarah" to me.

Muslim friend of mine
got harassed at a Trader
Joe's in Reston, VA.

The late night host hits
back on criticism of his
health care monologue.

Yes, please. Preach. More of this all
over the country.

Nourishment, care, love
Now is more important than
ever to #StandWithPP.

Dear Trumpettes, wanna
follow the dictates of the
Dear Leader blindly?

Late night earnestQ: Has
anyone or anything
ever changed your mind?

If so, what were the
circumstances? If not, why
do you think that's so?

If not, why do you
think that's so? I will never
understand this shit.

Sen. Sanders knows - this
is the kind of battle we'd
have too without it.

If a Muslim man
stabbed two white men to death.

Won't go to the UK
on a state visit if there
are large protests.

There's a level of
viciousness in Washington
I did not expect.

Matt Mika who are
in critical condition
tonight. Pull through please.

Trayvon? Rekia
Boyd? Mike Brown? Eric Garner?
Natasha McKenna?

RT @nowthisnews:
President Trump kicked babies
out of his rallies.

@andylassner: Hey
Canada- What's it like to
have a real leader?

No amt of proof sways us from
what we need 2B true.

Retweet if u want
@BarackObama to do
this much more often.

RT @RedTRaccoon:
3 million vets rely on
care outside the VA.

American lives.
RT @DirkBlocker: There are
two ways to be fooled.

Jim Crow, alive and
well. This is a disgrace, and
we gotta fix it.

Imprisioned long term
4 nonviolent crimes &
put to work4 free.

You giant gaping
assholes STOP IT. This is great
WATCH THIS Peen is whole.

Recovering from
cancer, and still building houses
for people in need.

No more new planets
until you learn to take care
of the one you’ve got!