Thirty eight haiku by @willmacaskill

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Made by Bevan Barton

It doesn't matter
whether a position is
"left-wing" or "right-wing".

You are making a
value judgment every time
do you anything.

Haha don't worry
it's just as confusing to
everyone else too.

Refreshing to hear *someone*
call it non-snarky!

V much admire your work
@tabcambridge Haha, I
love the article!

Say hi at RT
@PeterSinger: Nice profile
on Will MacAskill.

(even easier
than deed poll.) We both changed our
names beforehand.

@rhyssouthan Ah, I
thought you never made it! You
should have come said hi!

All the media
around Doing Good Better's
really heating up!!

Glad you enjoyed it!
.@Mary_Galbraith I'm glad! Hope
it convinces you!

Sig minority
on animals and global
catastrophic risks.

One of EA's leaders:
I'm glad!! Looking forward to
reading the review!

Cowen in the nyt!
What are the jobs that do the
most to harm the world?

That was a brave move
from @RyanHoliday. TOITW
clearly gets my vote.

Doing Good Better
shout-out @doctorow - you're the
best, it made my day!

@commentisfree: What
is the most effective way
to help refugees?

@sarahlphillips: What
is the most effective way
to help refugees?

@davidroodman: What
is the most effective way
to help refugees?

RT @Econlib:
Don't try to do SOME good. Try
to do the MOST good.

We know that. But it’s
not as hard as it may seem,
and our beginner’s...

#ef… Verifying
myself: I am macaskill

In depth article
in @FT last Friday 'More bang for
your donated buck'.

Esquire magazine
just published an interview
with me... in Russian.

Good Better => RT
@anauenburg: Very few
books have changed my life.

The UK paperback
edition of *Doing Good
Better* is now out!

Applications for
Effective Altruism Global
close in a few hours!

Global: 1,000
people focused on changing
the world for better.

Thanks! Which website? The
link at the bottom of seems
to be working fine...

If you're aligned with
EA / GiveWell / Open Phil,
then donate now, fast.

Go site finds all your
friends in swing states so you can
remind them to vote.

Awful. We need to
keep citing this until it's
not true anymore.

RT @kathrynschulz:
Some good sign action at the
Boston science march.

Say I. I feel like
this sums up most debate on
social media.

And most staff are US
based (with a particular
hub in Berkeley).

Parfit submitted
a draft of a paper the
day before he died.

You want to do as
much good as possible &
have $billions.

Ebola for the
White House. Now she works to stop
something even worse.

Human extinction
is a lot more plausible
than most people think.